Fed and Bond Investors Face a Rude Awakening

Time for a rethink at the Fed? Photographer: Mark Wilson/Getty Images The Federal Reserve projects three interest rate hikes next year, although the market is priced for fewer. Yet, recent public statements by senior central bank officials suggest some disagreement over the causes of the recent moderation in inflation. That means policy makers might be […]

Stop Squeezing Prisoners’ Families for Cash

Prison is hard enough without adding burdens on poor families. Photographer: Photographer: Noah Berger/Bloomberg Get caught committing a felony, and the government is apt to do terrible things to you. Stick you in a cage. Control what you eat, when you sleep, what you do with your time. Should the government also be allowed to […]

Dollar Rises Ahead Of FOMC decision

Dollar Rises Ahead Of FOMC decision The dollar is up against its major European rivals, on Tuesday afternoon, but again, its early gains against the Japanese Yen. The Federal Reserve began its 2-day policy meeting this morning, and will announce his decision tomorrow afternoon. The Central Bank is widely expected to hike interest rates by […]

Crude Oil Rally Fizzles On The Production Outlook

Crude Oil Rally Fizzles On The Production Outlook The prices for crude oil fell on Tuesday amid widespread expectations that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates and signal further monetary tightening. The Federal reserve makes its latest interest rate announcement tomorrow afternoon. WTI light sweet oil was down 85 cents, or 1.5%, to settle […]

The Best Way for Democrats to Grow the Party

A question of control. Photographer: Joe Raedle/Newsmakers I have two important items to strongly recommend today. The first is a Brookings paper from Jonathan Rauch and Raymond J. La Raja; the other is an op-ed by Julia Azari and Seth Masket. Both are absolutely must-reads.  Rauch and La Raja explore the explosion in campaign activity and […]

Gold Is In A Rut, As Inflation Takes

Gold Is In A Rut, As Inflation Takes The price of gold down slightly on Tuesday, extending the 4-month lows after inflation data cemented expectations for a rate hike in the morning. Gold $5 to $1241.80 per fine ounce, the lowest level since July. Producer prices in the U.S. rose by slightly more than expected […]