The Wrong Way to Pressure China

Clarity needed. Photographer: STR/AFP/Getty Is the U.S. finally taking a tougher stand on China? Last week, AT&T Inc. walked away from a partnership with Huawei Technologies Co., possibly due to Washington’s worries about espionage. A week earlier, Ant Financial dropped its long-delayed acquisition of MoneyGram International Inc. after failing to win approval from a crucial […]

Some States Are Still Locking Up Way Too Many People

“Lock ’em up” isn’t the only answer. Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg The incarceration rate fell again in 2016, to 450 state and federal prisoners per 100,000 U.S. residents from 459 in 2015. That news, from the Prisoners in 2016 report published last week by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, marks the eighth straight year of declines. 1 The Great (or Terrible) […]

Want to Get Wisdom? Be Your Own Crowd

How many? Photographer: Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg Crowds of humans can be very good at solving certain kinds of problems. If, for example, you wanted to guess many bacteria live in Lake Erie, you’d be better off asking a random group of people and averaging the result than trying to answer the question alone. But what if […]

New U.S. Tax Rules Are a Gift to Europe

More taxing times ahead. Photographer: Aidan Crawley/Bloomberg The effects of the Trump administration corporate tax reform on U.S. multinationals that were, as of the end of last year, holding some $1.4 trillion in cash overseas, are largely beneficial: Now these companies finally know how much of that money the U.S. wants — and there's also […]

S&P 500 & FTSE Kraft Setzt, Kann der DAX aufholen?

Talking Points: S&P 500 wird noch erweitert in Woche 2; Wirtschafts-Kalender ist das Licht in der kommenden Woche DAX kämpft für euro-Stärke mit Durchbruch in der deutschen Koalitionsverhandlungen FTSE bleibt anhaltend stark; CPI wegen auf Dienstag Starten Sie die Steigerung Ihrer Kenntnisse heute mit der DailyFX Trading-Guides & Prognosen S&P 500 Vorausschauend auf nächste Woche […]

More Horse-Trading, Please

Watch and learn. Photograph: STR/AFP/Getty Images Earmarks are suddenly in vogue. The practice, which enabled members of Congress to direct appropriations to pet projects, was banned in 2011. President Donald Trump last week suggested it might be time to bring them back — and he might be on to something. Earmarks attracted a lot of […]

GBP: die Kommende Inflation Daten Kann Dent Bullish bis trend

UK Konjunkturdaten-Veröffentlichungen am Dienstag, 16. Januar 2018. Nehme ich ein mehr in Tiefe Blick auf die kommende UK-releases um 11:30 Uhr GMT am Montag, den 15. Januar 2018. Das britische Pfund bleibt weiterhin stark gegen den zugegebenermaßen schwachen US-dollar und wurde zurück geschoben bis oben 1.3600 und wieder zurück zu Ebenen zum letzten mal gesehen, […]