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NBH: monetary council is ready to continue to non-traditional tools to loosen the monetary conditions

NBH: monetary council is ready to continue to non-traditional tools to loosen the monetary conditions If inflation is persistently below the inflation target of the Hungarian National Bank (MNB) Monetary Council is ready to continue to the monetary conditions are more relaxed for non-traditional, targeted tools application. The monetary council’s April rate decision of the […]

Continuously improve the French state debt-risk metrics

Continues, the French public debt risk indicators significant improvement, indicating the French president’s election outcome developing market optimistic. The president’s choice for Sunday’s final round of the EU’s pro-Emmanuel Macron, has won a significant dominance. Competition of the EU-sceptic Marine Le Pen. One of the leading london market information services company, IHS Markit Tuesday’s statement, […]

Increasingly give the gold the funds

April 26.- may 2. weeks involving COT-report data on the basis of the test funds, a further reduction in long positions (the test commodity futures products based on turnover) – stands out in the oil-long stock of a 20% fall. The oil-long cut on the before the oil last Thursday, down 47 USD/barrel level of […]

Short market recovery would follow Macron victory

London financial analysts said short-term market recovery would follow the centre Emmanuel Macron victory in the French presidential election Sunday in the second round of. One of the biggest london’s financial-economic elemzőház, the Capital Economics on Friday’s assessment of the situation according to that judge probably, as the French állampírok the EU-sceptic candidate, Marine Le […]

The better-than-expected decline in the first time unemployment number of people in the United States

The preliminary greater-than-expected reduction in first time unemployment benefits apply for the number of the last week in the United States. The u.s. labor department on Thursday reported that the April 29th ends week the seasonally adjusted data, according to the aid number of applications 19 thousand, 238 thousand has been reduced. Analysis that has […]