Analysis: Swedish Match is approaching a köpläge!

Snuff, Swedish Match has clearly gathered during the month of August. Underlying köpstyrka has grown increasingly during the period, which meant that technical support level not been challenged seriously. The company is experiencing now all the more challenging by the kanaltaket in konsolideringsfasen, which opens up for a further journey to the north, at the outbreak…

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Swedish Match has traded within a narrow handelsintervall, then big decline in the summer, just like several companies on the stock exchange.

Underlying köpstyrka can be found in the volume flow rate, not least because we had a more significant köpstyrka when we challenged kanaltaket at 284 bucks, but even then, considerably more volume is found in the upper part of the handelsintervallet.

Handelsintervallet within the 278 – 284 sek, have given attractive trading opportunities in the short term, between bottom – up and kanaltaket.

An outbreak of kanaltaket at 284 sek, who is also a technical resistance level with significant volume last year, opens up for a further trip north.

A köpläge we see around 284.50 kronor, after that we got a closure over kanaltaket at 284 dollars.

In the short term, we can get less resistance around 288 sek, but also believes that we will then be an attractive location for such an improvement to our målkurs at 297.50 crowns, just below technical resistance level at 298 sek.

If the sales force should exhibit strength, and we get renewed weakness in the company’s share, we limit such a scenario by tentatively placing a stop loss already at 280.50 crowns, because then we assess the risk as high, that we have a challenging of the kanalgolvet at 278 dollars.

Shares traded more than 8-10 dollars medeltalstrion in the form of MA 50, 100, 200.

On 1 september, it was revealed in a press release that the Swedish Match purchased the Danish company V2 Tobacco, operates in the smokeless tobacco on the european market. The purchase is made in order to strengthen its position in Europe in smoking products, and the company has annual sales of approximately sek 160 million.

”It is absolutely not for the Swedish market, we buy the V2, but we buy because they have been very successful in building up a good portfolio of brands, particularly outside Scandinavia. In addition, V2 have been extremely adept at building a flexible production system that are well suited for this type of ‘ export activities”, said the company’s ceo Lars Dahlgren.

The Swedish Match interim report for the third quarter of 2017 will not come until the 27 October at 8.15.

The stock is traded on the stockholm stock exchange, under the symbol SWMA.

Swedish Match

Entrance buy
284.50 kr

297.50 £
The OMXS Large Cap

Emergency exit
280.50 kr

281.70 usd
Direct avk.