ARGENTINA: the government Wants to vote a pension reform On Monday

ARGENTINA: the government Wants to vote a pension reform On Monday

The government of Argentina decided to vote on the pension reform on Monday amid speculation that President Mauricio Macri’s administration could be a decree to fast-track the legislation.

On Thursday, the pro-government representatives is trying to move forward with the vote on the pension reform but due to the incidents and complaints within and outside of the Congress, which was exposed to the session, mark to approve a setback Macri, the addiction, the legislation by the end of the year.

In an interview with Radio Mitre, the Argentine Minister of the interior, Rogelio Frigerio, stated that the government “is confident” that the votes to approve the pension reform on Monday.

“We will try, with the support of the governors, the possibility of the transmission of this legislation and move forward with the rest of the laws that are pending,” said Frigerio.

The pension reform received a half of a sanction in the Senate on 29. November, in a 43-23 vote. The pension reform changes to update the formula for retirement payments. The new rule States that the pension adjustment would be calculated both the inflation rate and the changes in the wage index, by the Ministry of labour.

Inflation would be a 70% weight, while the remaining 30% come from the Ministry index. The bill also establishes an optional retirement at the age of 70, and stating that those who should receive the retirement at minimum wage after more than 30 years, a contribution to the pension Fund, the 82% of the minimum monthly wage or 7,265 pesos (US$ 416.82) at the moment.