Average heavy units were the history of graduation tasks

Average hard was sentenced Wednesday history written graduation tasks told MTI high school teachers.

The békéscsaba Gyula Andrássy High school and College, and director of the history major Kala Stephen told MTI: as a teacher, and the student with short conversations based on sees, on average, medium difficulty was the high level history high school graduation task bar, with proper preparation the four grade access should not cause a problem.

The tesztsor fit, the curriculum is built on a considered, adding that maybe the last two test tasks were somewhat “túlcizellált”, the source, and the table is harder.

The high level of essay tasks Kala Stephen said, both the mongol invasion about, both in the dualism era heavy industry for essay questions too much narrowed it down to the exam’s potential. First, as neither the history nor the consequences have not asked, only the 1241-42 and event history. The era of dualism, the question and missed the food industry and the construction of the railway to flourish, and exclusively by the heavy industry of the question.

The use of aids, atlas on, he said that really help have been reported, especially in the military history of the nature of the questions, select “look down” about help information.

Kala Stephen at the advanced level history baccalaureate’s note: the first part is not held in the same light, but a good answer can be had, the essays, and specifically they were good. The mongol invasion raised level was the subject here, however, the reasons for and the consequences I had to write the students, which is of the opinion that for them specifically easy items, and more on the high level would have been.

Macular would Gulicska Valerie, the orosháza Táncsics Mihály secondary grammar School, vocational high school and College history major, deputy director of MTI, said: the students hopeful, good kedéllyel stood up after graduation, they said they didn’t feel heavy on the high-level task sequence, and the time available was sufficient for them.

The available resources and knowledge basis within the specified time can be met were the tasks – communicated to the veszprém Lovassy László High school history department teacher of MTI’s question.

Schindler László told me that the students said they were not difficult tasks, even though the given figure is a part of the images because of the quality it was difficult to interpret.

The foreign language graduating students only Hungarian-language atlas was used, but as the students said, this is not meant for them problem.

Added: Hungarian language graduation drivers half-and-half in a choice of four possible question two, the germans graduated drivers great majority of the reformation and Hungary 1956 events impeachment essay question you chose.

Added: high-level, English language, few have graduated to the Lovassy high school students, German language, five students measured her knowledge, the majority of the guild industry, the Kádár-era and the 18-19. century national situation concerning the question of choice. The students are of the opinion that the aids service, the specified sources are informative they were.

Average hard assessment of this year’s secondary history school-leaving examination, written tasks Violinist Beata a history teacher, the kaposvár Munkácsy Mihály grammar School, deputy director.

That said, the essays are a little lighter they were, the short tasks, however, think you tatóbbak, several types of competence requires. The students in the time available, “stressed separately should work”, there was no characteristic that the test booklets are previously administered, at the same time the atlases in many cases help was provided for them.

A longer essay has many of the mongol invasion, short of the second world war from was chosen – he noted. He added that the students of the study after overall optimistic statement was made.