Buy Avega and Cinnabar but wait Instalco in the latest issue of the Business world.

The business community recommends two buy and a wait in its latest issue. The following is a brief summary of the Business analyses and opinions.

Avega – buy

A lågvärderad but high-quality consultant, is the magazine’s description in the analysis. Avega has an operating margin in line with finkonsulterna but the valuation is considerably lower and it smacks fyndläge.

Cinnabar – buy

Fintechbolaget weighed down by large investments in the year, but harvest time is expected next year and in the longer term, herons potential in the field of clearing for the banking sector.

Instalco – wait and see

The company’s mission to buy up strong local installation company for a cheap price and keep these in a decentralized konglomeratstruktur is not at all crazy. But even with a little bit more conservative forecasts, which still includes the double-digit profit growth, the rapid disappearance of the rebate against the other förvärvsmaskiner.

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