COLOMBIA: Government Presents FTD Eradication Efforts To The OIE

COLOMBIA: Government Presents FTD Eradication Efforts To The OIE

A Colombian delegation presented for more than two hours to the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) the work carried out to eradicate a recent outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) in the country.

Headed by the Colombia's Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Aurelio Iragorri, and the general manager of the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA), Humberto Mart?nez, the delegation outlined the technical guidelines and containment plan under which allowed for the containment and elimination of the active cases of foot-and-mouth disease.

Then, Iragorri and the ICA directors requested the OIE Director, Monique Eloit, and the Deputy Director, Jean Philippe, to restore Colombia's status of a country free of FMD through vaccination, suspended after the outbreak confirmation.

Last month, the Colombian Agricultural and Livestock Institute (ICA) confirmed that 3,325 livestock slaughterings occurred in the municipalities of Tame, Arauca, Yacop? and Tibacuy in the department of Cundinamarca and also in the rural area of C?cuta, near the border with Venezuela. Iragorri said that since then there had been no further outbreaks.