Facial recognition in Apple’s top model, it abolishes the fingerprint reader.

Apple’s new phone models has by many observers been regarded as the company’s most important in many years – not least because of competition from companies like Samsung Electronics, Google and the chinese manufacturers is increasing.

The new top model called the Iphone X, but the company’s representatives have chosen to pronounce the name as ”Iphone ten”. Almost the entire front of the phone consists of lcd screen, while the phone’s sides is made of stainless steel and the back of the glass (like on the Iphone 4).

The new screen technology, oled promises better color rendering.

For the identification , Apple has chosen the so-called face detection in 3-D, instead of the fingerprint scanner. The technology should be able to be used to accept payments, operate in the dark and learn how you look – even if you put on a hat or glasses.

Any home key is no longer on the Iphone X. instead, the user can swipe upwards to close apps or open multitasking.

Charging is inductive, which means that the phone can be placed on a laddningsplatta which charges the phone without any cord.

The battery life then? According to Apple, the new phone have two hours longer battery life than the Iphone 7.

The Iphone X will cost 999 dollars (about 7.970 sek)

The phone will be out for sale on the 3rd of november – slightly later than some analysts had expected.

Apple launched in addition to the iPhone X, iPhone 8 models and an updated Apple TV 4k, and last but not least, a new Apple Watch Series 3 with the built-in mobile data.

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