Magnus Eriksson is leaving the Doro

Lund, 2017-09-11 18:40 CEST (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Magnus Eriksson is leaving at his own request, his position as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and member of the Doro group. Carl-Johan Zetterberg Boudrie, currently Vice-President of Doro’s Care, has been promoted to the new Chief Financial Officer.


Magnus Eriksson remain in his position as CFO and interim report for the period January-september of this year, which will be published on 25 October, and then stay on the Doro to the end of the year to ensure a good handover to Carl-Johan Zetterberg Boudrie.


”Magnus Eriksson came to Doro two years ago to strengthen the company’s financial position and governance, something that he’s done well. After completed mission, Magnus has now announced that he wants to take on other projects outside of the Doro. I am very grateful for Magnus stake and the significant improvement of Doro’s financial position and control he has achieved. I’m also glad that we have access to such a competent replacement that Carl-Johan Zetterberg Boudrie in its own ranks. Carl-Johan has since he came to Doro for almost two years ago demonstrated an impressive capacity and the ability to put oneself in the business. In his initial role within the business control contributed to the improvement of our cost control, and in his current role, he has strengthened the deal within the Doro Care significantly,” says Robert Puskaric, president and CEO.


Carl-Johan Zetterberg Boudrie business and economics (Stockholm university) and master of science (KTH). He is currently Vice President of the Doro Care and a member of the Doro group. Carl-Johan Zetterberg Boudrie has previously held senior management positions in finance and business and strategy development, among other Lekolar AB, G&L Beijer and Beijer Electronics.


The recruitment of a new Vice President of Doro’s Care has begun. Until a replacement has been hired, is responsible Carl-Johan Zetterberg Boudrie continued for Doro’s Care.


For more information, please contact:

Robert Puskaric, president and CEO, +46 (0)46 280 50 05



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