May restrain the warming of the Day little more activity

Mika János climate scientists think the Sun is less activity should not cause another ice age in a matter on the ground, but may restrain the global warming.

The expert in a recently published study regarding a statement, the M1 current channel on Wednesday. According to the study, since the Earth is the same energy you get as the little ice age at the time, so the air conditioning can be.

Mika John, however, drew attention to the people back then “were not in the formula”, and climate models have not yet been calculated, the consequences of the fact that the Earth is less energy coming from the Sun.

The research, according to an ice age in the formation of the warm air north transport ocean “conveyor belt” shut down is necessary, but in itself this is not ice age, but a 10 to 15 degrees colder north atlantic region would be the consequence of a strong temperate cyclone.