Morgonrapport: Cautious trading after the strong upswing

The OMXS30 closed around zero during yesterday’s trading and displayed the same patterns of activity as during the Wednesday, with initial declines that turned to recovery in the afternoon. During the night, the asian stock markets evolved, mixed with the Hang Seng, which notes its 14th day with the rebound.
The dollar has been trading weak lately, and during the morning of Friday traded unchanged.
All in all, we expect the OMXS30 to open today’s trading around the zero.

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Today’s analysis

The OMXS30 closed again, strong during the afternoon after the initial downs and try to rebound from the previous strong rise. The stockholm stock exchange closed virtually unchanged at 1630,29 points in a turnover of 17 billion sek. To the OMXS30 traded around zero, we see continued opportunities to on the rise then riksviljan shows strength. The closest resistance can be found at 1637 points which is an important level to pass and gives a buy signal during such a scenario.

After Ola Rolléns exculpatory judgment in insidermålet against him step Hexagon strongly by 5.8 per cent. H&M declined again by 1% after including Didner & Gerges mutual fund sold 5.2 million shares during the month of december. The founder stated that the information gap on e-trade and profitability means that they choose to sell the shares in the company.

Yesterday’s most interesting event for the Swedish economy were the statistics for småhuspriser from statistics SWEDEN that measure the during a three-month period. So far, it is not visible declines as other sources have shown, but with the laggy after, so it is not so unexpected. In one year, real estate prices have risen 9 percent in the country. On a three-month period, the prices of houses have risen 1 per cent in the whole country. Compare cities go, Stockholm, is the worst, which follows the pattern in Norway, where Oslo was leading in the falls before the rest of the country followed suit.

Today will be waiting for a range of macro statistics, especially from the united states, but also the CPI figures from statistics SWEDEN. Swedish inflation is expected to have declined slightly in december to 1.9 percent, with analysts pointing to the generally lower energy prices. In november, it was noted CPIF inflation to 2 percent, which corresponds to the riksbank’s target. However, so would probably Ingves have a wide margin before interest rates are raised again, especially considering misjudging to raise interest rates in 2011.

We shift the focus to the united states where we also where from get CPI figures. Core inflation is expected to have risen in december by 0.2 per cent from the previous month, which corresponds to a rate of inflation of 1.8% in a year.

Retail sales data will also for the month of december where sales are expected to rise 0.4% in december, boosted by christmas shopping.

With the strong u.s. stock exchanges, which once again closed at record levels so, it provides an additional basis for further upswing for european stock markets, which in recent months has laggat for something. For sweden it is primarily the banking sector and H&M that brought down the rise and should be strengthened in order that the increases will continue in the spring. With the strong start to the year, the technical position shifted, but we also see that the resistance at 1637 points is crossed with good circulation in order to believe in the previous peak levels around 1683 points in the spring.

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Hålltider during the day

Macro statistics

  • France: CPI (def) december at 8.45

  • Spain: CPI (def) december at 9.00 am

  • Statistics SWEDEN: CPI december at 9.30 am

  • United states: CPI december at 14.30

  • U.S.: retail sales december at 14.30

  • United states: stock of unsold goods in november at 16.00


  • Riksbank: Cecilia Skingsley speaks on the economic outlook and current monetary policy at the Skagen Funds ‘ nyårskonferens at 9.25

  • CES elektronikmässan held in Las Vegas, 9-12 January

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Latest börsnyheterna

The stockholm stock exchange remained on negative ground for most of Thursday, but managed to get up plus in the final stages of trade with support from the rising stock indices in the united states. Hexagon stack out on the upside after the president was acquitted by a Norwegian court on Wednesday, while H&M brought down.

At the time of closing had the OMXS30 index increased by 0.1% to 1.630 and shares for nearly sek 17 billion were traded.

Europaräntorna rose and the euro strengthened sharply on Thursday after a GOVERNING protocol which was interpreted hökaktigt. Swedish interest rates rose 2 to 5 points. The dollar was 4 penny cheaper at 8:14 while nettoförändringarna in the euro was small with trading around the 9:80 at the Swedish closing.

Hexagon rose 5.8 per cent after the Norwegian district court on Wednesday night had cleared ceo Ola Rollén for suspected insiderköp in biometribolaget Next Biometrics.

Sektorkollegan Fingerprint, declined 0.7 per cent.

Among kursvinnarna in the OMXS30 tagged Essity and Sandvik advanced to 1.8% and 1.1% respectively.

Even Ericsson was high up in the list with an advance of 1 per cent. The telecom company said in Today’s Industry to be a winner on the 5G-bullish prevailing on the konsumentelektronikmässan in Las Vegas.

Among the smaller companies went Venue Retail Group against the current in the fashion business and presented a nearly doubled profit in the latest quarter, as well as a clear rising comparable sales. Shares were rewarded with a rise of 5 per cent.

H&M was trading down close to 1 percent. Didner & Gerges mutual Fund during december, sold 5.2 million shares in the klädbolaget and one of the founders, Henrik Didner, says the Breakit more information is needed in order that the fund should start buying H&M shares again.

”At the capital markets day in February we’d love to have more information on how the e-commerce. So far information has been very sketchy. I want to know how much e-commerce is and how the profitability looks like,” said Henrik Didner to Breakit.

The price of oil continued to rise and after an extra clear jerk in eftermiddagshandeln noted brent crude marginally below 70 dollars the barrel. In aktielistorna noticeable effect on Enquest and Africa Oil, which advanced to 6.6 and 3.5 per cent.

Svenska spel has chosen a system from the uk’s Sporting Solutions for their sportboksprissättning in a deal that was preceded by speculation that Kambi was one of the companies that stood as a potential counterpart to the English Game. Kambis cfo David Kenyon would not comment on the deal as such.

”However, we note that the agreement only runs for a year, so it seems to be more of an interim solution than a long-term approach,” he writes in an email to the News agency Directly.

Kambi declined 3.3 per cent.

In gamingsektorn turned Starbreeze up again after Wednesday’s rebound on the strong performance since the end of the year. The share was close to 8 per cent up. THQ Nordic was trading just north of sek 95, a new record high since listing at the end of 2016 that was the price 20 dollars. The share ended the day 4.7% up to 93:60.

In the same sector have the Paradox bought 33 percent of the american studio Hardsuit Labs for 2 million dollars. Paradox was 2.8 per cent up.

Among the Business buying advice step mainly Doro and Semcon – up to 6.8 respectively of 4.7 per cent.

Lucara declined sharply, down close to 7%, after RBC’s rekommendationssänkning on Wednesday.

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