Morgonrapport: Still a risk of profit taking as a result of short-term overbought…

Small movements got the OMXS30 to be balanced around 1580 points on Wednesday, and closed thereby -0.01 percent to 1580.04. Sales amounted to over 14 billion kronor on the stockholm stock exchange. The USA closed weak on the plus, and continue to be noted around the peaks. After overnight trading in Asia, it is a somewhat negative sentiment, and that is leading the futures are pointing this morning on an initially cautious movement on the stockholm stock exchange.

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Today’s analysis

Wednesday’s trading was neither dominant strength from buyers as well as sellers. Sales also continued to land around 14 billion, which we got about last few weeks.

Technical nyckelnivån at the 1580 points were clear traction, and we had an extremely narrow handelsintervall in 1576 – 1580 points on Wednesday.

Before Thursday’s börsöppning on the stockholm stock exchange, about a little less than two hours, pointing leading futures on a pending motion.

U.s. S&P 500 semester are traded after overnight trading in Asia, slightly less, and can potentially be a guide to something more subdued movement than what is expected.

We turned around dagshögsta on Wednesday, however, we see as something positive. There is still room to step up and challenge the 1600 points, and in the Wednesday weekly newsletter, we highlighted that there is scope to challenge the high for the year before the end of the year.

The short-term, however, we still remain at an overbought level, this means that as we did not receive any direct profit-taking on Wednesday, to we on Thursday, may well get to experience such a development.

The u.s. dollar is showing less sign of strength by this morning is noted around the 8.04 against the Swedish krona, at the same time, it is worth pointing out that we can get a balancing around 8 kronor for a period of time, and in Wednesday’s morgonrapport pointed out that we the u.s. dollar against the Swedish krona was at 7.96.

It also would hardly hurt if we got a smaller profit, and then provide the space to challenge the 1600 points on the new.

In such a scenario we turn our eyes to 1616 points initially, as we see an establishment of sentimental heltalsnivån at 1600 points.

However, we want to see a proper sign of strength in line with that, we first have to step over 1580 points, before we are in a scenario challenges the 1600 points, where here, too, we are looking for sign of strength within the ‘ vapour.

Ratio is still negative, which is a negative piece of the puzzle, and is something we keep an extra eye on at the major outbreak.

At the outbreak from the handelsintervall that went on for a few weeks, when we stepped over 1560 points, unfortunately has not brought forward any direct persuasive strength. So we are keeping ourselves in the collar and also if we see some positivity, it is about the absence of strength that creates the question mark.

Technical resistance levels ahead of today’s börsöppning await again at 1600, 1616, 1630 points. Support levels await already in 1580, 1570, 1560, 1550, 1540 points.

The Oracle begins with a report in the united states at the time of closing in the evening. Uk interest rate announcement is in focus from a larger perspective, however, is not expected that the monetary policy stance to be changed. On makroagendan we get the unemployment data on the home front, british retail sales during the morning. In the afternoon, the new unemployed from weekly data and the CPI from the united states.

What hålltider and the company reports the next weeks you can read here.

Yesterday’s main börshändelser.
Fingerprint drop further after Apple’s product launch.

With the new flaggprodukten iPhone X, the question is if Apple sets a new trend…

During Wednesday’s trading, launched the Fingerprint Cards with a decline of -2.0 percent, after Apple on Tuesday, among other things, launched a new flaggprodukt iPhone X that do not conform fingeravtrycksläsning, to benefit for face recognition.

According to Apple, the risk is that someone else can lock up their phone with their fingerprint 1 in 50 000, while the new technology’s risk is 1 in 1 000 000.

Wednesday’s inledningsvisa fall exhibit at least progressions on a particular concern, and poses the question if this is a new trend Apple set?

On October 9, joins Stefan Petterson as the IR-responsible at the Fingerprint, directly from the Transcom, where he has been IR-responsible and manager of communications.

However, a now former director of sales Thomas Rex back in the company’s management, now head of the division for smart cards. Rex holds 1 million shares and is the largest shareholder in the management team.

Among the recommendations we reported recently that Today’s Industry has left the säljrekommendation, and UBS lowered to sell with a target price of 30 sek.

Hansa Medical in a good mood when ABG initiates coverage with buy.

Stepped early of both the 50 and 100 day moving average.

On Wednesday, it was revealed that ABG Sundal Collier has initiated coverage of Hansa Medical, with the buy recommendation and a target price of 215 dollars.

The company’s shares rose initially above +5.0% to 181 kronor, and stepped at the same time, over both the short-term 50-and medium-term 100-day moving average.

ABG raises in his analysis that forskningsbolagets candidate drug Ides, can alter the playing field in transplants.

Ides have, according to the ABG 70% probability to show positive results in Highdes study in phase 2, already in the first half of 2018.

At the same time, is the assessment that Ides can get a price in the range of 35.000 to 55.000 dollars per treatment, and a gross margin of 90 per cent.

According to ABG, this could mean that the company will be profitable within the course of 2-3 years.

AAK may fuel a further rise of the height recommendation.

Exane BNP Paribas raises the recommendation for AAK to neutral, from a previous underperform.

On Wednesday step AAK with over +2.0%, to challenge the technical resistance level at 612 sek.

Exane BNP Paribas contributes köpstyrka on Wednesday after height height recommendation for the company to neutral, from a previous underperform.

For just over three weeks ago raised the ABG Sundal Collier the recommendation for AAK to buy from in the past the keep, and a price target of 685 sek.

In August, it was revealed also that the Gun Nilsson member of the board, purchased shares at a value of 1.000 shares for 600 dollars each.

Hålltider during the day

Company reports

  • Oracle (22: 00), Next

Capital markets day

  • Autoliv: in Frankfurt at 8.30-14.00
  • Autoliv: webcast and conference call at the investor day 8.30-12.00


  • Hancap (0:88 £ on a quarterly basis in preferred stock), Sdiptech (2:00 sek on a quarterly basis in preferred stock ), Hexagon (2:25 sek on a quarterly basis in preferred stock)

Macro statistics

  • United kingdom: RICS house price index August at 1.00
  • China: retail sales, industrial production, fixed investments August at 4.00
  • Mäklarstatistik: house prices August at 6.00
  • Japan: industrial production (def) July at 6.30
  • Finland: CPI, August at 8.00
  • France: CPI (def) August at 8.45
  • Valueguard: house prices August at 9.00 am
  • Statistics SWEDEN: unemployment August at 9.30 am
  • Uk: retail sales August at 10: 30 a.m.
  • United states: new job vacancies to unemployed, from weekly data at 14.30
  • US: CPI, August at 14.30
  • United states: Bloomberg consumer confidence at 15: 45


  • BOE: interest rate announcement at 13: 00

All börshändelser and estimates for the week can be found here!

Latest börsnyheterna

The stockholm stock exchange was accompanied by small price movements in spain on Wednesday. The major european trading venues did not, nor were any noises.

Storbolagsindexet OMXS30 remained to the end unchanged at the level of 1.580. The turnover on the stockholm stock exchange, reaching over sek 14 billion.

”It looks like the stockholm stock exchange, false start a customary höstuppgång and the rise is coordinated with Europe, Asia and the united states. Indextunga verkstadssektorn have shown strength despite the rapid weakening us dollar”, commented Erik Hansén, market analyst at IG, the News agency Directly.

Apple’s flaggskeppsmobil the Iphone X will use face recognition instead of fingerprint reader.

Apple, which is a big trend-setter in the mobile phone industry, would, with its selection of identifikationslösning be able to provide headaches for the Fingerprint Cards of shareholders. This was something that biometribolagets ceo Christian Fredrikson toned down.

”Apple’s launch was fine and the Apple will affect the industry. This increases the use of biometric solutions and the more it is done in the field of biometrics, the happier it makes us. It is the way that we have believed in with multimodality, where several different methods of identification takes place,” he said to the News agency Directly.

Fingerprint shares lost 0.5 per cent.

Skanska’s ceo Johan Karlström to end up as ceo next year and then submits the board of directors. The shares declined 1 percent.

Hansa Medical has been strengthened by 6 per cent. ABG Sundal Collier has initiated coverage of forskningsbolagets share with a buy recommendation and a target price of 215 dollars. The investment bank estimates that forskningsbolagets candidate drug Ides can change the playing field in transplants.

Oil prices rose, and among sektorbolagen was oljepriskänsliga Enquest up more than 4 percent. Lundin Petroleum was up 0.7 per cent.

Tobii climbed nearly 8 per cent. During the onsdagseftermiddagen mäklade Carnegie a storpost of more than 1.5 per cent of the capital. Last week it became known that the company continued to reduce its holdings in ögonstyrningsbolaget.

Karolinska Development portfolio company Bioarctic is planning an ipo on the stockholm stock exchange. Moreover, a portfolio with positive outcomes. Karolinska Development rose over 8 per cent.

Exane BNP Paribas has raised its recommendation for AAK to neutral from a previous underperform. AAK advanced 2.4 per cent.

Fenix Outdoor and Nolato rose 3.6 respectively, 4.1 per cent after Today’s Industry have pointed out these two companies as examples of stocks that meet the classic investeringstips the basis of the american investeringslegendarer as Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger.

Gaming Corps rushed the entire 124 per cent, having signed an agreement with the u.s. the PDP. The gaming company will produce a game based on the PDP’s as yet unreleased hardware. The assignment has a value of just over 21 million.

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