North korea has fired a new missile over Japan.

North korea has fired a new missile over Japan during the night of Friday, the second such track in as many months, in a new provocation after the UN security council introduced new sanctions against the country.

It reports , among other things, Bloomberg News and Reuters.

The missile passed Japan and landed in the Pacific ocean about 2,000 miles east of Hokkaido, the head of Japan’s chefskabinettsekreterare Yoshihide Suga. Warning alarm if the missile was raised in the city of Kamaishi in northern Japan around midnight Swedish time. Japan made no attempt to shoot down the missile.

The missile, which was fired from Pyongyang, traveled a total of about 3.700 kilometers, according to reports from south Korea’s military – far enough to reach the u.s. territory of Guam.

United states secretary of Rex Tillerson urges now on the ”new measures” against north Korea and he said that ”these continued acts of provocation only deepens north korea’s diplomatic and economic isolation.”

The UN security council will meet on Friday evening, Swedish time, at the request of the united states and Japan.

”The international community must unite and send a clear message to north Korea that threaten the peace of the world with their actions,” said Japan’s prime minister Shinzo Abe told reporters in Tokyo. He also said that missilskjutningen was ”unacceptable”.

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