Over the history of written graduation

Over the history of written graduation on Wednesday, the students in high level Hunyadival, the stalinist dictatorship, beyond the borders of hungary related issues, while raised levels of the industrial revolution, after the regime change the Hungarian economy even in between tasks.

The Office of Education on Wednesday sent to MTI summary according to the graduated drivers ‘ renewed task series of meet the history of written exams. Among these mentioned on a higher level the written examination part two test booklets intended schedule change, both levels of the text, essay assignments (essays) choose options narrow down the writing to essay are a reduction in the number, high level a, level raised two new task type appearance.

High levels of the test tasks during the universal and Hungarian history relate to chronologically follow each other, for example, medieval cities, Hunyadi Mátyás’s reign, the early modern economy, stalin’s dictatorship, cross-border hungarians). Between tasks in the present knowledge concerning also, for example, the Hungarian situation of roma.

The short answer requires between tasks a new task type was the complex source analysis task in which a greater scope or more resources had to be interpreted, and to or those related to multi-part task. This year’s high-level task bar, this new task type, the April laws.

The four essay questions (ancient Greek beliefs, the second world war, mongol invasion, era of dualism, of heavy industry) – certain electoral rules – two had to be developed. The nature of the tasks is varied, for example, text sources, analysis of source texts, visual sources, maps outline, select processes, arguments order, graph and data interpretation.

The tasks in each case, written or visual source, map, sketch, diagram, or series connected. The test operator has to these using and your own knowledge by mobilising had to solve the tasks. The essay tasks in the assessment of the most important aspects of the knowledge, the resources use and the events constitutive factors exploring.

Raised levels of the tasks between the Greek-roman beliefs, the medieval Hungary’s society, the industrial revolutions to the age of, after the change of regime Hungarian economy relevant to both. At this level the new, complex source analysis task of the stalinist economic policy is linked to. The tasks include not only the present knowledge concerning a given place (for example, in the global world phenomena), but also the requirements into newly-added labour skills.

The six essay tasks (such as the medieval serfs, the European Union’s economy, mongol invasion, today’s Hungarian democracy) – certain electoral rules – three had to solve. One of the most important changes in the history of graduation in a new job type, the complex essay of the appearance of a higher level. Two types of one more era border of a phenomenon or problem presentation, another type of two, in time, a parallel phenomenon to compare. This year, the two tasks of the Hungarian-Turkish fights, and the communist and the national socialist ideology ward. The tasks in all cases, a text or visual source, map outline, series connected. The solution is these use of the acquired knowledge independently, the application of the context recognition requires, communicated to the Education Office. The essay tasks in the assessment of the most important aspects of the knowledge, the resources use and the events constitutive factors exploration of the critical and problem-oriented thinking.

Image source: MTI