The OMXS30 Analysis v.16 ”OMXS30 is marking time in anticipation of the end of the reporting information…”

The OMXS30 is now awaiting for the upcoming reporting period. The index may alternately short-term buy or sell signals which is typical for this phase of consolidation, the stock market now find themselves in. Recently got the OMXS30 a sell signal is generated when the support at about 1527 was broken, but short-term buy signals are obtained already on the resistors at about 1534-1537 broken. For the OMXS30 should have strong and long-term interesting buy signals, however, need the index in a rising trading volumes clearly establish a resistance levels around approximately 1600 area. The long trends, however, point down, and handelsvolymsambanden is negative. Therefore, unfortunately, the risk is high for the OMXS30 sooner or later will get new strong sell signals through to establish itself in the important support area at about 1480-1490.


The stockholm stock exchange had last week an irregular development, but with an upward ending. Our Swedish storbolagsindex OMXS30 index was up 1.0 per cent and closed the trading week on 1526,66. So far this year is thus the development of -3,2%. But also with the past due dividends became weekly rise of 1.3 per cent and for the full year will be development-0.7 per cent.

The stock market continued last week in their varannandagsmönster strongly influenced by the fluctuating news flow on the ongoing handelskonflikten between the US and China and tensions over the conflict in Syria.

The net effect of this news flow during the week was, however, slightly positive. It was, inter alia, more manageable progressions from the chinese side regarding the handelskonflikten and positive signals about a permanent european exception from the new american steel and aluminiumtullarna that lightened up the mood of the börshumöret.

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Among the OMXS30 companies were pulled during the week a dividend in the Essity, SSAB, Swedish Match and Telia. Worth to note is also that the previous sinker H&M was one of the week strongest shares, only the battle of the Volvo among the OMXS30 shares. Otherwise it has most been a cautious trading in many shares in anticipation of the review period, which starts in earnest at the end of this week.

The long trends for the OMXS30 points out, however, that in the past mainly downwards. In the weekly chart we see that the index, the key 40-week medeltalskurva leans down, and that the OMXS30 index is well below its level at 1590. The index has entered a long-term pattern with gradually declining tops and bottoms and handelsvolymmönstret is since last summer clearly negative.

To break this long-term negative image need the OMXS30 during a relatively high trading activity in a clear way to establish itself above the strong resistance levels around about 1600. In this case, the index of long-term interesting buy signals. Perhaps the upcoming reporting period result in something similar?

But before something like that occurred, we consider all of the upward indexrörelser that takes place during a relatively low trading session mainly as potential säljlägen for the försiktige investor that are not already managed to sell out of their index and shareholding.

OMXS30 also get new long-term sell signals on the index would establish itself in the important intensities at about 1480-1490.

In the day chart , however, we see that the OMXS30 in this shorter time horizon in particular is in a consolidation phase and gather momentum for the forthcoming larger movements.

A short-term buy signal obtained here on the OMXS30 index can establish itself above the resistance at about 1537. In that case, perhaps the index come up to about 1590, where the downward-200-day medeltalskurvan currently located at, and the other resistors is approximately the 1600-level.

But the long trend is downward, and so long as handelsvolymmönstret is negative, there is a great risk that the intensities at about 1482-1488 sooner or later will be tested.

In timdiagrammet we see that the OMXS30 in this even shorter time horizon, last week’s low in a short-term upward trend. The trend was broken on Friday, the index had instead a short-term sell signal is generated when the support at about 1527 was broken. These roll between the short-term buy and sell signals is quite natural in such a phase of consolidation, the stock market now find themselves in.

New sell signals are obtained here, even if the intensities are at about 1498, and about 1482 broken. Would instead OMXS30 turn up get the index short-term buy signals on the resistors at approximately 1534 and ca 1537 crossed.

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Short-term-focused operators, therefore, can preferably act to decline with a stop loss either just above 1534 or 1537. Aim for a drop to first and foremost support level at about 1500 and in the other hand to about 1482. The move, however, reduce the stop loss quite tight, as the index goes down. In this type of market, the index can turn around and move quite the contrary, both up and down.

Would OMXS30 go over the resistors at about 1534, about 1537; instead, act on the rise. Aim for a rise to, first and foremost the resistance level at about 1575. Stop loss, preferably just below the 1527 which is then moved up, even the time is quite tight, when the index then moves upward.

More long-term oriented investors, we recommend as in the past the OMXS30-analyses with caution. For those long trends point down and the handelsvolymsambanden is negative. Preferably use the försiktige investor is any upward börsrörelser, especially if these continue to take place in a relatively low trading activity, to the selling of share and indexinnehav.

This approach we will stick to that until the OMXS30 had clear reversal or other types of strong buy signals in a relatively high trading activity.

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