The riksbank welcomes the FI-proposal for stricter requirements.

The riksbank welcomes Finansinspektionen’s proposal for a stricter amortisation requirements.

There they write in a press release on Friday, on the occasion of a consultation response.

The riksbank notes that measures that increase the resilience of households is necessary and should be introduced urgently. It is also important to amorteringskravet and household resilience is evaluated in order to assess whether the desired effects are achieved.

”Swedish households’ high and rising debt constitutes a serious threat to financial and macroeconomic stability. It is good, therefore, with an enhanced requirements targeted at households that have high debt in relation to household income,” writes the Riksbank.

The riksbank has earlier pointed out that the current amorteringskravet is relatively mild in an international perspective.

Continued evaluation is required and if the desired effect is not achieved consider the Riksbank, the financial supervisory authority should consider adjusting the amorteringskravet. If households ‘ resilience does not increase and the risks associated with household debt is not decreasing, it may require additional macro-prudential measures.

The Swedish financial supervisory authority’s proposal is , in brief, that households whose liabilities are greater than 4.5 times the income, get an additional amortisation of 1% of mortgage per year.

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