Then the cold record on Wednesday

Bánkúton on Tuesday, snow on Wednesday, then the dawn of the cold record – communicated Facebook-side of the national Weather Service this afternoon. Forecast, according to Thursday strong warming begins.

The weather service explained: the cold air on Tuesday for our region. The effect of this in several places over the years average at a considerably cooler was: on 9 may of the “normal” maximum value 20,7 degrees Celsius, in contrast, in most of the country, only 12 to 15 degrees measured in the hottest hours. The 890 metres Bánkúton afternoon it snowed, and then only to 0.7 measured in degrees.

I wrote: on Tuesday, a cool day after all over the country “extremely” low minimum temperatures measured. The typical minimum temperature for the national average was 9.3 degrees, compared to Wednesday’s average of 2.4 degrees. The North-Transdanubia everywhere frozen.

Until now, on this day in 1928, measured the lowest temperature, minus 2 degrees cold in the air. Colder than it was on Wednesday morning Koroncón, where it’s minus 2.5 degrees for a sinking of the temperature, that puts a hole in the national daily cold record.

The national Meteorological Service forecast, said: on Thursday, a southwest flow of increasingly warmer air will reach our region, so several degrees stronger daytime warming. The wind is everywhere strengthened, the Transdanubia western half up to the storm you’ll even get may increase. The lowest temperature is usually 2-8 degrees between likely, but the country’s north-eastern third up to minus 2 degrees also can get cold in the air, soil save frost and the country’s eastern half is expected to be. The highest temperature is largely 19-25 degrees between.

On Friday, the long-short period-day period, with more places expected rain shower, thunderstorm in the morning, in the morning mainly in the north east, the north, in the afternoon elsewhere. A large area of strong thunderstorms in the context of storm you’ll even get may increase the wind. The minimum temperature is 10-16 degrees between likely. The living room ceiling is usually 22 to 26 degrees between, but in the north east, in places 19, 20 degrees.

Saturday and Sunday are also expected to be rainfall, but also during the day 20-25 degrees around the warm.