Trump’s Debt-Limit Deal Much Ado About Nothing

Not much there there.

Photographer: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

The debt-limit deal struck by Donald Trump and congressional leaders Wednesday was immediately reported as a case of two things: Trump selling out Republicans and Trump negotiating badly. The deal calls for extensions from the end-of-September deadlines to Dec. 15 for funding the government and raising the debt limit, while at the same time passing initial Hurricane Harvey relief. 

I'm more inclined to agree with Dave Hopkins that while Trump certainly acted as if he was undermining House and Senate Republicans, there's really not much here.

For one thing, virtually everyone should have been expecting the "continuing resolution" to keep the government running until the end of the congressional session. After all, on Sept. 6, Congress simply wasn't anywhere close to completing its work on appropriations; the Senate has barely started. Standard practice, unless someone wants a government shutdown, is to kick the can down the road a few months.