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Stock analysis

Cybersecurity Stocks in Play After Equifax Hack

Equifax Inc. (EFX) stunned Wall Street and the American public last week when it reported a massive security breach, but no one should be surprised given the refusal of major corporations to adequately fund the high-tech security systems needed to protect customer information. Blinded by short-term profits, CEOs and boards have taken the easy route, […]

Is It Too Late to Buy Defense Stocks?

North Korea just fired off another missile, raising the stakes in its nail-biting confrontation with the U.S. and Asian allies. Gold fluttered while the yen sunk, mimicking price action after past launches, but those knee-jerk reactions have so far failed to generate stronger trends. It is a different story with U.S. defense stocks, which have […]

Tough to Buy Caterpillar Breakout

Dow component Caterpillar Inc. (CAT) has rallied to an all-time high after lifting above 2011 resistance at $117. The breakout unfolded quietly, with price drifting higher on average volume within a shallow rising channel that has now reached above $120. While the uptick is generating decent buying powers, technical deficiencies warn that it is likely […]

Conventional Retail Versus Online Retail ETFs

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) can be used as a quick health check or comparison between markets or industries. Conventional retail ETFs have been hammered lower in the past year, composed of mainly brick-and-mortar stores that are losing market share to online retailers. By comparison, the online retail ETF has been moving aggressively higher. Clearly, investors are […]

Boeing Stock Could Hit $300 in Coming Months

The Boeing Company (BA) has ascended to the top of the Dow Industrial performance list, rocketing higher after breaking out above three-year resistance in January 2017. The stock has gained more than 50% since that time while grinding out an impressive series of all-time highs. The company’s aerospace domination has underpinned this historic advance, as […]